Talks, Presentations, and Interviews

Ableton Music Producer Podcast (video) April 30, 2024

Loop (Berlin) Dec 13, 2022
Collaboration is Listening with Sam Slater (video)

Loop (Berlin) May 21, 2022
In the Studio with Grand River (video)

Sound + Fiction (Bahrain) Nov 16, 2020
Panel: Contextualizing Aural Cultures

Ars Electronica (Linz) Sep 12, 2020
Expanded Animation: A new media manifesto

Eufonia (ACUD, Berlin) Nov 2, 2019
A Sound Lesson: Educating the Mind

Expo 74 (MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA) April 26-28, 2019
Interactive Music Learning on the Web

Loop (Los Angeles, CA) Nov 9-12, 2018
– Best Laid Plans: when things go wrong
– The Art of Designing a Live Show (video)
– Making Music Education Transformative
– Binkbeats: performative presentation
– Clarice Jensen/Sowall – Improvised Live Set

Tallinn Music Week (Tallinn, Estonia) April 6, 2018

Loop (Berlin) Nov 10-12, 2017
– The Art of Mastering: A Conversation with Mandy Parnell (video)
– Unlocking Creative Blocks (video)
– Susan Rogers in Conversation (video)
– Beyond Curriculum: New Perspectives in Music Education
– Performative Presentation with Caterina Barbieri (video)
– Re-Inventing Music Education through Technology (video)

Process (Melbourne, Australia) October 14, 2017

MeetFactory (Prague) June 10, 2017
Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers

PlayandProduce (Ghent, Belgium) Nov 19, 2016

Loop (Berlin) Nov 4-6, 2016
– Coding the Rules: Teaching machines to make music
– Life in the Waves: A performative presentation with Suzanne Ciani
– The Computer is Listening
– Composing Beyond Convention: A conversation with Anna Meredith (video)
– Fragile Territories Artist Talk with Robert Henke

Sonar+D (Santiago, Chile) December 2-8 2015

Loop (Berlin) Aug 30-Sep 1, 2015
– On and off the grid: acoustic drummers and electronic music
– New ways to play: visionary designers on their instruments
– Creative blocks and strategies for overcoming them – part #1 (video)
– Creative blocks and strategies for overcoming them – part #2
– Failure = success: a talk by Robert Henke (video)

Strøm (Copenhagen) August 9, 2015

Sonar+D (Barcelona) June 19-21, 2015

Make||Sound Festival (Leicester, UK) June 13, 2015

Brighton Music Conference (Brighton, UK) June 5-6, 2015

SXSW (Austin, TX) March 18, 2015
Creative Strategies for Electronic Musicians